Veiwers...You do know i have to play as these guys

This robot is based on alter ego "Johnny X"(from T.V Series)

Dash(>>OR<<)Z/X:Hurricane Hands:A close range attack that is has a decievable range. It is very strong.

Dash(>>OR<<)C/V:Super Slide: Very good for approaching and can also be used to start a combo. Downsides are that it is easily countered and it doesn't do that much damage

Super:Flaming Power Poot: You can combo this when you kick the oppenent upwards. Just your basic super move

His game is based off of combos and mindgames. His Super Slide is a very tricky and helpful move to use when you need a combo. His Super Slide can easily be comboed with his super. While very punishable it is Usally too fast to take action. His Hurricane Hands can be very useful when the oppenent is too close